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VRI Rubber Air Springs Products:
Vishwaraj air springs (rubber bellows) are manufactured with indigenous technology and provide complete solutions for vibration isolation and support of machines. As vibration isolator the air spring gives consistently good isolation even under changing loads. It isolates both low-frequency vibrations and structure borne noise. As pneumatic actuator, these are ideal for many applications in mechanical engineering and in the construction for machinery and equipment. Air actuators – like cross ply tyres – are made of a fabric-reinforced rubber bellow completed with connecting parts to form an airtight system. By use of high grade materials and modern manufacturing methods, the safety requirements of the industry are met. Advantages: in both above cases, the air spring is cost saving in a various ways like easy design calculation, easy installation, low space requirement, versatile, longer service life, purchase price, ability to absorb lateral forces, constant isolation efficiency, accurate height control, wide size range, effective noise reduction, no maintenance and simplified construction, and friction free for immediate response. Applications: automotive alignment equipment, paper and textile machinery, material handling, expansion chambers, test bed shakers, generator sets, industrial machinery, vibrating screens, seat springs, vibrating test equipment, shock absorbers, inertial mass mounting, vibrating conveyors and feeders, etc. The air spring is also a true alternate for metal coil springs. It is noise free, requires no maintenance and durable. These air springs are available in single, double and triple convolution from 3-1/2” to 12” diameter and with different mounting styles as per the application.
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