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Air Suspentions

What is air suspension?

In simple words, the air suspension systems are the style of the vehicle suspensions and are generally powered by the electric pump, or you can say compressor. That pumps air into the flexible bellows, made of rubber (textile-reinforced type). Besides, it can also be described as an ideal replacement to the coil spring or leaf suspension with airbags made of a material that combines rubber and polyurethane. By installing our Vulcanized, heavy-duty rubber air springs at each of your wheels, you will enjoy an amazing experience.

The purpose of an air suspension system

Well, in most of the cases, air suspension systems are used to make the vehicle offer consistent and smooth driving quality. However, in some cases, sports suspensions also come with the air suspension system. On the other hand, these systems replace the traditional conventional spring suspensions made of steel in heavy vehicles.

The best quality suspension offers maximum benefits

  • Can reduce harshness, vibration, and noise

    These are some factors that can develop driver discomfort or fatigue. It will be good for you if you can reduce these factors. For this, you can use our Kronic Enterprise’s high-quality air suspension systems. It stores air at around an average of 150 PSI.

  • Better riding experience

    With our car suspension, you will enjoy smooth steering as well as controlling your car, and the overall driving experience will be improved. Make your car a comfortable ride with our suspensions. Kronic Enterprise buffer uses the latest rubber helper spring the offers superior performance.

  • Restores the height of the vehicle

    With Kronic Enterprise’s suspension made of rubber helper spring, you can easily restore the height of your car and can greatly enhance the shock-absorbing feature by replacing old spring with our rubber helper spring that produce a higher degree of strength.